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23 Feb Microfluidic space coding for multiple nucleic acid detection through CRISPR-Cas12a and RPA
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Rapid, cheap and multiple detection of polynucleic acid is of great significance to human health, but it is still a huge challenge. Here, this paper proposes a nucleic acid detection platform named MiCaR, which combines microfluidic equipment with CRISPR-Cas12a and recombinase polymerase amplification (RPA). With only one fluorescent probe, MiCaR c..
31 Aug Promotion:hot start enzyme antibody
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C04201V1 hot-starting enzyme monoclonal antibody Taq mAb (Mouse)Cat.No .:C04201V1Source:Monoclonal Mouse AntibodySubtype:mIgG1/mKMolecular Mass:150 kDaExpression Host:HEK293 cellsFormulation:Purified, LiquidBuffer:Phosphate Buffered Saline,5%mannital,0.05% Tween20, pH7.4Purification:>95% pure (SDS-PAGE).Storage:For long term storage, the product sh..
31 Jul Raw material of the SARS CoV 2 protein detection kit-N protein antibody
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You can find more on sars cov 2 series products on C00172 SARS CoV 2 neutralizing antibody SARS CoV 2 NP-mAb (Mouse)Cat.No .:C00172Source:Monoclonal Mouse AntibodySubtype:mIgM/mKMolecular Mass:1000 kDaFormulation:Purified, LiquidBuffer:Phosphate Buffered Saline,5%mannital,0.05% Tween20, pH7.4..
08 Jan Promotion: Raw Materials for mRNA Vaccine Production
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E00801 mRNA Cap 2 & acute;-O-Methyltransferase(mRNA Cap2 oxymethyltransferase)number:E00801species:VacciniaProduct Description:mRNA Cap 2oxymethyltransferase (UCF.ME® mRNA Cap 2´-O-Methyltransferase) is a recombinant protein from vaccinia virus. The enzyme can be used inRNA5´the end of the first nucleotide next to the cap structure2´-Oposition. The..
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