It's our pleasure to meet you on  Poland Trade Fair.You can get product brochures and on-site video answers. Product discounts and long-term preferential contracts  are waiting for you.

1、 Basic information of the exhibition

Exhibition name: CHINA (Poland) TRADE FAIR

Exhibition hall name: PTAK WARSAW EXPO, Warsaw

Use of exhibition hall: HALL F

Exhibition hall address: Ave Katowicka 62,05-830 Nadarzyn, Polska

Exhibition date: November 24-26, 2022

2、 Precautions for O2O Exhibition

Opening closing time of the exhibition and domestic corresponding time:

Exhibition country: Poland

Exhibition city: Warsaw

Day1-Day2 Opening and closing time: 10: 00-17:00 (local time)

Day 3 Opening and closing time: 10: 00-16:00 (local time)