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01 Aug East-Mab Elegant Demeanour | 2023AACC (ADLM) Wonderful Review
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Our exhibition of AACC (ADLM) achieved complete success on July 27th local time at the Anaheim Convention and Exhibition Center in California, USA!Through this grand event,  East-Mab demonstrates  its profiles to overseas cooperation partners by displaying its star products related to diagnostic proteins and cytokines, attracting numerous industry ..
16 Jul East-Mab Biomedical Co.,Ltd will attend AACC exhibition in July 23rd to 27th in USA
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East-Mab Biomedical Co.,Ltd will attend  the AACC exhibition that will be held in Anaheim, California, USA from July 23rd to 27th, 2023,and Our exhibition booth No is  #886.Our Chinese name is 江苏东抗生物、Jiangsu Dongkang biomedical technology co., ltd.We have more than 80 employees including 5 PhDs in biology  and 16 biological masters in our company u..
23 Feb Microfluidic space coding for multiple nucleic acid detection through CRISPR-Cas12a and RPA
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Rapid, cheap and multiple detection of polynucleic acid is of great significance to human health, but it is still a huge challenge. Here, this paper proposes a nucleic acid detection platform named MiCaR, which combines microfluidic equipment with CRISPR-Cas12a and recombinase polymerase amplification (RPA). With only one fluorescent probe, MiCaR c..
09 Dec Welcome to Indian Exhibition in Mumbai on Dec 13th-15th
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Welcome to meet East-Mab Biomedical in Mumbai on Dec 13th-15th1、 Basic information of the exhibitionExhibition name: CHINA (INDIA) TRADE FAIRPavilion name: Bombay Convention&Exhibition Centre (BCEC)Hall IV , Exhibition Booth:No. H017 Exhibition hall address: Western Express Highway, Goregaon East, Mumbai, IndiaExhibition date: December 13-15, 20222..
23 Nov Meet East-Mab Biomedical on Poland Trade Fair
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It's our pleasure to meet you on  Poland Trade Fair.You can get product brochures and on-site video answers. Product discounts and long-term preferential contracts  are waiting for you.1、 Basic information of the exhibitionExhibition name: CHINA (Poland) TRADE FAIRExhibition hall name: PTAK WARSAW EXPO, WarsawUse of exhibition hall: HALL FExhibitio..
05 Oct Recombinase polymerase amplification combined with microfluidic technology for instant nucleic acid detection
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In an environment with limited resources, especially after the outbreak of COVID-19, there is a high demand for pathogen detection or genetic screening using portable, miniaturized, integrated, fast-resulting, and sensitive read-out nucleic acid detection equipment. Recombinase polymerase amplification (RPA) and emerging microfluidic technologies (..
31 Aug Promotion:hot start enzyme antibody
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C04201V1 hot-starting enzyme monoclonal antibody Taq mAb (Mouse)Cat.No .:C04201V1Source:Monoclonal Mouse AntibodySubtype:mIgG1/mKMolecular Mass:150 kDaExpression Host:HEK293 cellsFormulation:Purified, LiquidBuffer:Phosphate Buffered Saline,5%mannital,0.05% Tween20, pH7.4Purification:>95% pure (SDS-PAGE).Storage:For long term storage, the product sh..
02 May Chemiluminescence Examination Items and Clinical Significance
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Chemiluminescence Immunoassay technology was developed in the 1990 s. Through the control and measurement of the luminescence of labeled chemiluminescent substances, the corresponding biomarkers are detected. Because of its high sensitivity, rapid detection, stable reagents, non-biological toxicity, and easy automatic It has become one of the most ..
31 Jul Raw material of the SARS CoV 2 protein detection kit-N protein antibody
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You can find more on sars cov 2 series products on C00172 SARS CoV 2 neutralizing antibody SARS CoV 2 NP-mAb (Mouse)Cat.No .:C00172Source:Monoclonal Mouse AntibodySubtype:mIgM/mKMolecular Mass:1000 kDaFormulation:Purified, LiquidBuffer:Phosphate Buffered Saline,5%mannital,0.05% Tween20, pH7.4..
08 Jan Promotion: Raw Materials for mRNA Vaccine Production
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E00801 mRNA Cap 2 & acute;-O-Methyltransferase(mRNA Cap2 oxymethyltransferase)number:E00801species:VacciniaProduct Description:mRNA Cap 2oxymethyltransferase (UCF.ME® mRNA Cap 2´-O-Methyltransferase) is a recombinant protein from vaccinia virus. The enzyme can be used inRNA5´the end of the first nucleotide next to the cap structure2´-Oposition. The..
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